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Divorce and Separation in Australia can be a stressful time. If you are married, you will need to seek a divorce order from the Federal Circuit of Australia before you can legally re-marry. The divorce order effectively dissolves your marriage and you will no linger be recognised as spouses. Check out this page for more information...


Soon after you separate from your spouse or de facto partner, you should consider how you will divide your property fairly. The property settlement process requires full and frank financial disclosure to be exchanged between both parties to enable a just and equitable settlement. Check out this page for more information...


While separation can be difficult for yourself and your partner, it is just as difficult for the children of the relationship. Children have a right to benefit from a meaningful relationship with both parents, and also be protected from a risk of harm. Parenting Orders must reflect this. Check out this page for more information...


Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution are critical to achieving just results in family law. While it is important to remain assertive in your position, it is equally as important to collaborate and make reasonable compromises. Check out this page for more information...


If you and your ex-partner have reached an agreement about parenting arrangements or property settlement (or both), you may consider filing for consent orders with the Family Court of Australia. Check out this page for more information...

If you have been financially dependent on your partner throughout the relationship and separation has left you financially strained, you may be entitled to spousal maintenance. It is important to seek legal advice before making such a claim to ensure you meet the two-limbed test. Check out this page for more information...


If you are concerned about your partner disposing of assets, or if you are worried your ex-partner is going to take your children away from you, you should consider seeking an injunction from the Court. An injunction is basically a restraining order and can prohibit the other party from engaging in particular conduct. Check out this page for more information...


If an interim or final decision has been made in your family law matter, and you feel there has been an error of law or miscarriage of justice, you may consider appealing the decision to a higher court. There are time limits in which to file an appeal so it is best to seek immediate legal advice. Check out this page for more information...


Following separation, you may become concerned about whether your ex-partner will take the children overseas and never return. In some instances, ex-partners relocate the children out of Australia and you will need to consider a Hague Convention Application. Check out this page for more information...


If you or your ex-partner have failed to comply with Orders made by the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court of Australia, a Contravention Application may be required. If you are served with a Contravention Application, you need to consider pleading guilty or not guilty. Check out this page for more information...


If you are seeking urgent orders from the Court in relation to property, spousal maintenance, or parenting (including recovery orders), you need to ensure all relevant evidence is put before the Court before it can make orders on an urgent basis. Check out this page for more information...


Relocation issues arise when one parent wants to move further away from the other parent, thereby impacting on their ability to spend time with their children. Such arrangements should only be implemented by agreement in writing or pursuant to a Court Order. Check out this page for more information...


Relationship breakdowns are difficult and emotionally draining without the added stress of considering property settlement, spousal maintenance, child support, and parenting arrangements.


The end of a marriage, or a de facto relationship, is a significant change in your life and affects those surrounding you. For that reason, you need a lawyer who can offer compassion, objectivity and understanding to help you overcome the challenges that lay head.

At KF Lawyers, Katrina brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist you with simple and complex property settlement disputes and parenting disputes. Some of the services offered at KF Lawyers include:

  • Joint and Sole Divorce Applications

  • Property Settlement Applications.

  • Parenting Applications.

  • Spousal Maintenance Applications.

  • Child Recovery Orders.

  • Relocation Orders.

  • Consent Orders.

  • Binding Financial Agreements (After Separation).

  • International Child Abduction (Hague Convention Applications).

  • Urgent Injunctions.


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