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Where there is no other appropriate sentencing option, the Court has power to sentence an offender to a period of full-time imprisonment.


The term of imprisonment the Court imposes usually has a non-parole period and parole period. The non-parole period is the time the offender must spend time in prison. The parole period refers to the time the offender serves the balance of his or her sentence outside of prison, but subject to conditions set by the State Parole Authority, such as supervision.

If you are charged with a serious offence you could be sentenced to a term of full-time imprisonment. In order to seek to avoid spending time in gaol for lengthy period of time, and otherwise apply to the Court for a less onerous penalty, it is important to seek legal advice about your criminal matter. A sentence of full-time imprisonment would not only have adverse consequences for you, but also dependents and family members.

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